HP Printer WPS Pin setup


Bring the best to your workstation, rather messy, tangled cables here & there. Yes, nowadays every gadget supports wireless features which stimulate the best workability. On that note, printers from various brands are designed with various wireless features which elevate the printing efficiency & user-friendly.

What is the WPS PIN for an HP printer?

WPS Pin stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN which is needed to connect between the HP printer and a computer or laptop. It consists of a unique 8-digit PIN which is supposed to be specified during the wireless configuration period.

Where to find the WPS Pin in the printer:

You can directly find the WPS Pin on the desired HP Printer or use the control panel settings.

Using the Control Panel?

In turn to find the WPS PIN for HP Printer via the Control Panel:

  • Get near to the HP printer, press the Wireless button, and get through the Settings option.
  • Tap on the WPS option, then track the provided on-screen instructions.
  • If you are prompted to specify the PIN. Just gently tap to get the WPS PIN on your screen.

Using the setup page printout?

Simply, you can find the WPS PIN using the printer information sheet printout. Follow the below-specified steps.

  • On the active printer, press and hold the Cancel (X) button for a few instances.
  • Once you see the steady light starting to blink, release the Cancel (X) button.
  • You can notice your printer will start to print the Configuration page automatically which consists of your unique WPS PIN.

WPS Pin on your HP printer or router?

Using printer: Mostly, WPS Pin will be at the bottom side of the printer or its one side. Peep out the printer’s labelling and you must find the unique PIN.

Using Router: In some router modules, you will get the WPS PIN labelled to it and you can check the router to use it.

How to connect HP Printer to wifi using WPS PIN?

Once you have done with the printer to the system interface, you must proceed with Printer Control Panel and then browse through the WPS settings.

Steps to be done:

  • Attempt to restart and press the Wireless Button on your control panel.
  • After seeing the stable blue light blinking which denotes the wireless configuration.
  • Then, tap the WPS on your active printer Control Panel.
  • Further, choose the WPS PIN  and receive the new PIN.
  • Specify the WPS Pin to the appropriate field and start the wireless printing work effortlessly.

How to connect an HP Printer Without a screen using a WPS Button?

If your desired HP printer is not enabled with a touch-screen, use the WPS button to launch the wireless connection.

  • To begin with, Restart the HP printer and press the wireless button on your device.
  • Once you see the blue light buffering which denotes the active wireless configuration initiation.
  • Get nearby the wireless router, locate the WPS button and gently press it for a few seconds.
  • You can notice the router will also show the LED light and wait until the stable LED light.

How to check WPS PIN or wireless network password on Windows 10?

Open the windows system and use the wi-fi settings > Security tab to view the current password. Now, you can proceed using the steps below:

  • Access using the Wi-Fi settings > Adaptor Options.
  • From the list of wireless connections, right-click to the desired one and hit Status.
  • Get into the Connection window section to choose the Wireless Properties > Security tab.
  • You will be given a protected password on the next page. Tap on Show Characters to see the password.

How to check the WPS PIN or wireless network password on MacOs?

On the Mac system, use the Utilities app > Keychain feature where the WPS password is protected. Now, utilize the below steps.

  • On the Mac, use the Finder. Use the top menu to get the Go > Utilities
  • Proceed to the next page to get the Keychain Access.
  • You need to select the Local Items.
  • Tap the Category option to view the Passwords. Choose your specific one.
  • From the list of wireless connections, pick your desired and hit the Show Password to find the password.


  1. Can the WPS PIN be reset repeatedly?

Yes! Ofcourse. You can reset your WPS PIN if needed. Use the above steps and connect the printer to the system efficiently.

  1. Will all printers come with a WPS button?

You cannot find the printer with the WPS button. But, the new arrival router models have a WPS button at the back of them.

  1. Is the WPS PIN the same as the wi-fi password?

No, both are not similar. WPS PIN and wi-fi password are differently enabled features. Its job is to secure the wireless connection. To operate the WPS PIN, you must be near the devices. On the other hand, with a wi-fi Password, you can access it remotely.


Hope the given article is quite enough for the hassle-free WPS Pin setup on your desired HP Printer and in all aspects the given topics are highly recommended/user needy. For more information, Call Our Technical Team for instant support.

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