HP Envy 5540 WPS Pin Setup

It’s only reasonable to wonder where you may find the WPS pin on an HP Envy 5540 printer. You may skip entering the password whenever you reconnect to the same wireless network. Similarly, this tutorial will teach you how to find your WPS pin for HP Envy printers. Remember that your network provider should be contacted to ensure WPS support before any attempts at joining. Everything you need to know may be found in this brief guide.

Where to find WPS Pin HP Printer

What Is A WPS Pin?

WPS pin is shorthand for “wireless protected setup pin,” which is the code needed to enter a wireless network. The serial number may be found on the underside or back of a router or access point. Join the network by entering the WPS pin when prompted to do so. As a result, the gadget may join a network and get access to the web.

What is The WPS Pin on HP Envy 5540 Printer?

Using the HP Envy 5540’s WPS Pin, you may connect the printer to a wireless network. The HP Envy 5540’s WPS Pin allows you to control who has access to your wireless network. You can’t use the WPS Pin if you haven’t activated it. When activated, the WPS Pin is needed every time a new wireless device is added to the network.

Setting Up Your HP Envy 5540 Printer With Wireless Protected Setup

  1. From the control panel’s menu, choose “Wireless.”
  2. You may customize your experience by selecting Preferences from the menu.
  3. Start the wireless setup process by selecting the “Wireless Setup Wizard” option.
  4. To use the WPS Pin, follow the on-screen prompts.

If prompted, key in the WPS PIN for your HP Envy 5540. The default password for your router can be written on a sticker at its feet. After entering the security code, the new device will immediately connect to your home network using Wi-Fi.

You need to know where to find the WPS pin to use the WPS function on your HP Envy 5540 printer. The back of your printer has a security code. A label that states “Wireless Protected Setup” should lead you to the password. The secret number will be imprinted on this tag.

Where To Find The WPS Pin On HP Envy Printer?

Your HP Envy 5540 printer’s WPS PIN can be accessible via the printer’s Setup or Network menus. Your wireless router itself will display the WPS pin needed to access it. Instructions for finding the WPS pin on your printer may be found in the manual. Finding the WPS pin allows you to connect a wireless printer to a computer over a wireless network.

Types Of WPS Connection For HP Envy Printer

Four distinct WPS connection options exist for the HP Envy 5540 printer, each dependent on the specific model.

  1. To connect a printer to a router using the physical button, you must push the WPS button on both devices within two minutes.
  2. Push-button-configuration (PBC) method for inputting a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from a router into the System – A button must be pressed on the router and the printer within two minutes of each other for this method to work.
  3. Connecting your printer to your phone using Near Field Communication (NFC) tags is as easy as touching your phone to the tag on your printer.

How To Connect HP Envy Printer To Your Laptop

If your HP Envy 5540 printer is having trouble talking to your computer, you may try a few things.

  • It is essential that both the laptop and printer be active and connected to the same wireless network before continuing. You should connect them if you haven’t already.
  • If your laptop and printer are already connected to the same wireless network, following these steps should enable you to connect the two devices.
  1. Select “Printers & scanners” from the menu.
  2. Select the Add a printer or scanner option. To do this, it will scan the network for accessible printers.
  3. To add your HP Envy 5540 printer, choose it from the list and follow the on-screen instructions.

The issue may be resolved if the problem remains after rebooting the laptop or the printer or if you try a different USB port.