Install HP printer driver on windows 10

Simple steps to install HP printer driver on windows 10

It is crucial to download and install an HP printer driver that is apt for your PC. It helps in optimal printing, scanning, and faxing functions. Technically speaking, the printer driver is the spine of your printer. Without an apt driver on your system, it cannot function. The printer driver acts as a communication bridge between the PS and the printer. Every time you send a print job from your system, the printer driver aids in procuring it and passing it on to the printer, and starts printing.

In most cases, the printer driver comes in the form of a CD during the initial purchase of the printer. Sometimes you do not have it right now, and in that case, you can download the HP printer from the official website of HP. It will be manually done within a few minutes. Before starting the procedure, make sure that you have a stable power and net connection. Any form of interaction during driver download and installation can cause errors. Use the process provided below to install the HP printer driver on your Windows software.

Steps to install HP printer driver on Windows 10

  1. Complete the basic printer setup before initiating the printer driver download. The printer should have adequate printing sheets and ink in the cartridge. Check whether all the plates and other components of the printer are in place. If you have linked the printer already using a USB cable, disconnect it.
  2. Now link the printer and the system to a wireless network. The wireless network should be stable and non-fluctuating. Update the device to the latest version. The printer operating system should have 32bit or 64bit configuration to support the printer driver.
  3. Now restart the system after updating and accessing the browser. Visit, the official website of HP. Wait for the website to load.
  4. In the search bar, type the printer model number. And press the search icon.
  5. A list of printer drivers will be displayed on the screen, choose your OS like windows and click on the suitable download link to download the printer driver application. Check for the compatibility of the printer driver with your printer model and the OS of your system. Incorrect software can cause technical issues.
  6. To procure the software, click on the download option wait for the software to completely download on system. After downloading , open the file manager and accesses the download section. The driver will be auto save as

. exe file format.

  1. Click twice on the downloaded file and extract the software for installation. Provide all the needed permission, when prompted use the installation wizard guidelines to complete the installation. The installation can take some time, wait for it to complete.
  2. Choose any file from the system and initiate a printing test to assure the driver is aptly downloaded onto the system.

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