My Epson Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi

Why is My Epson Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?

  • Try to change the Epson printer location and try the printer connection for the basic troubleshooting procedure.
  • If the router and printer are quite distanced, it may result in poor signal due to improper signal coverage.
  • The wrong signals may result in this type of error in the Epson printer setup.
  • For that case, bring the system or router close to each other. Try to remove the obstacles in between the system.
  • Use the restart option and try to restart the Wireless Router and Epson Printer.
  • Next, unplug the wireless router and Wait for a few seconds. Later, use the Epson manual guide provided and the plugin again.
  • Once again, try to plug in and plug out the cables.
  • Then, try to start the Wi-Fi setup on your printer. Yet the problem persists; try to continue the below steps carefully.
  • Check the Wi-Fi credentials like Wi-Fi Password/user name This incorrect password can cause an error in connecting this type of printer to Wi-Fi.
  • Be clear on your password while entering the network or Wi-Fi password to the respective field.
  • Use the other method like Reset Network Settings. Tap the Factory Reset settings to solve the active Epson printer setup issue.
  • Switch on the printer using the start button. Then, use the Menu option and connect through the Settings.
  • Get your cursor down and pick the Restore default settings. Another hand, use the Network settings. Press ok to specify the message parameters.
  • Finally, the Epson printer will automatically restore and reboot by itself. Later you can initiate the Wi-Fi setup using the stable network.
  • Check your driver details and try to update the driver using the new version for better access.
  • Link to the Windows Desktop, connect via taskbar and right-click on the product icon.
  • Further, connect through the Software update. Then use the printer settings to connect through the Utility tab.
  • At last, use the Driver update

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