HP wireless Printer software on Mac & windows without CD

How to install the HP wireless Printer software on Mac, without CD in windows

As we know, HP Printers are fabulous in printing and comfort handling in the market. They are outstanding in producing excellent printing output with simple setup procedures and user-friendly access. Make use of the HP printer product and enjoy hassle-free access to your printing innovations.

Steps to install the HP Printer:

Use the given steps to install the HP printer with CD.

Step1 – Try to arrange the printer configurations:

  1. Make sure the printer is enabled and in the active mode to operate.
  2. Try to obtain the USB cables minimum of 3 m.
  3. Ensure whether the USB cables are available in the system.
  4. Try to connect it through the USB or docking station, which will result in an insufficient power supply in the future or on-process.
  5. If at all the USB cables are connected before the HP driver installation process, you need to ensure whether the driver installation is taken place properly.
  6. If not done delete or uninstall the printer from the system device and use the alternative method to the driver setup procedures.
  7. Further, you need to disconnect the USB cables safely from the printer to the system, you must link the USB cables only after the installer prompts.
  8. Use the windows settings and choose the Devices option to get the Devices & Printers options to start the configurations.’
  9. Tap the printer icon and click the Remove Device option. If you have multiple printer devices on connection, delete all.

Step 2 – Driver installation and connection configuration:

  1. Use the Official HP page And use the desired HP Printer model. Then, use the resultant screen to follow the on-screen displayed on the screen to download & Install the printer driver.
  2. Depending upon the printer series, you will be automatically claimed to download the HP Easy start app.
  3. Install the HP Smart app and get into the download folder to start the configuration. After the recognition notification, choose the USB and use the given steps depending upon the version of the OS.
  4. Use the product identification page to select the Printer>HP Printer model>submit.
  5. Use the resultant page to get the desired default OS.
  6. Proceed using the modifications of OS through Change> Choose the Version> change.
  7. Hit the download option under the driver package tab.
  8. You can also try the Basic Drivers for downloading the other printer drivers if needed.
  9. Now, your installer will prompt you to connect the USB, just choose USB and finish the configuration.
  10. Now, you can blindly start enjoying the printing, scanning, and other fax functions using the Printer driver configurations.

If you have any difficulty in handling the setup procedures, Call Our Technical Team for simple & instant support.

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