HP Smart App Printer Offline Problem?

How to fix HP Smart App Printer Offline Problem?

Offline errors are quite relatable to various reasons that happened during the procedure of printer setup, driver setup, and even wireless setup arrangements. The major reason would be an improper connection and poor network connectivity & settings. When you have chosen the HP Smart app setup, you need to ensure with the below steps to rectify the printer’s offline issues in no time.

Only Windows device users can only utilize the provided guidelines to get rid-off printer offline issues. Maximum the Offline issues have occurred when the printer has an outdated or corrupted driver other than basic reasons. Connect through the below steps and rectify the printer’s Offline issues in no time.

  • Start the setup by turning OFF the compatible HP Printer system.
  • Make use of the set of options to Delete the Printer from Devices and Printers by opening the system settings.
  • Then, make use of the appropriate options to Uninstall the respective HP Printer Control Panel.
  • You need to press the windows keypad buttons like Windows + R key and type Spool in the Run command box.
  • Try to pick the required Printers folder and open it.
  • You can either select all and delete/trash all the temporary files from its folder and make them empty.
  • Gently, Turn ON your HP Printer.
  • Connect through the relevant settings and make a Network Configuration Page using the active HP Printer.
  • From the produced output, take the support from the IP address once you received the Network Configuration page report.
  • Next, connect through the next options like Devices and Printers > Add Printer.
  • Carry on with the corresponding page to pick the option- The printer I want isn’t listed.
  • Here, choose the Add Printer using TCP or IP Address.
  • Type the correct IP Address of the Printer to the specified box and hut next.
  • Now, you can see that windows will use the HP Printer’s Network and starts to install the required drivers by itself.
  • In the end, you can see the HP Printer is successfully installed using the IP Address on your Windows 10.
  • Finally, you have to proceed with the installed HP Smart App and your printer will retrieve the online mode.

You can Call Our Technical Team for instant Assistance if you feel the same HP Printer’s Offline issues.

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