HP Smart App for mac and windows

How do I set up for the HP Smart app for a Mac device?

The directions will give you the steps on how to set up HP Smart. HP Smart app for a Mac device.

  • Start your HP Smart app by keying into the information of the application.
  • Open the app and then allow it to start.
  • Next step, you must sign in or register with HP Smart. HP Smart app.
  • Log in to the account if you have the credentials available, or register an HP account.
  • Login with your login credentials and then proceed.
  • The HP printer is now included in HP Smart. HP Smart app.
  • Complete this process by clicking” + icon. A list of printers available will pop up.
  • Choose the printer you prefer to connect, and it will be made in just a few minutes.

After you have the HP Smart app has been installed, downloaded and configured to the HP printer The user is now able to print copies, scans, or copy and fax documents. These steps will help you for downloading and installing the HP tools that assist in improving user experience. HP users experience. If you encounter issues installing the HP scanner and print doctor or HP Smart app, or the HP Smart app, contact our experts to get more assistance.

How to setup the HP Smart app for a Windows device?

The steps below will assist in the process of connecting the HP printer to the HP smart app.

  • Once the HP Smart app is downloaded and installed, open the file.
  • Complete the setup of the HP Smart app in the following steps.
  • Run the application. This will lead to the sign-in/ sign-up page.
  • If the user has an existing account, then enter the HP account credentials.
  • If the user does not have an existing account, a new account should be registered.
  • Enter the details that have been requested and sign in to the new account.
  • On the screen, a + icon will be found. Click on the + icon to add the HP printer.
  • It is vital that the printer and the device are functioning on the same wireless connection.
  • On clicking the + icon, a list of available printer drivers will appear.
  • Choose the desired printer and this will establish the connection between the HP printer and the HP Smart app.

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