HP Printer not printing?

Why is my HP Printer not printing?

Every time you can’t expect the printer to access properly. At times, the printer may show some error or reactionless, these symptoms are the indication of the Printer needs Attention. The most common error we face is- HP Printer not printing.

During the printing process, the printer may not print all of a sudden. You need to follow the given four Solution headings and a bunch of instructions to resolve the HP Printer issues in less time.
You can expect your printer may experience some minor or major issues on Hardware or Software.

Solution-1: Verify the status of the printer

Here, it’s all about the fundamentals of the printer setup like toner check, try to refill or replace, input tray requirements, used unmatched paper sheets, paper jam issues. Try to analyze the printer needs and do the needful using the HP Printer support. Now, check whether the printer prints normally. If not, try to access the next printer solutions.

HP Printer Not Printing solved

Solution-2: Run the basic HP Printer Troubleshooting

First, check the printer cable connections that are plugged into the wall and the power outlet. Try to connect the connections without any damage or loose-connections.

Verify the printer has its power light on its front and attempt the cabling test. If the printer has no light on the power button, try to unplug the power cords and wait for a few seconds. Later, plug the cords respective to the printer ports and ensure with the HP manual.

Solution-3: Update the printer driver

Use the desired system settings and open the start menu to pick Device Manager. Then use the Print Queues option and right-click on the desired printer driver to get Uninstall device. Use the on-screen prompts to finish the procedure.

Use the same Device Manager options and select Scan for hardware changes. Now, the next screen will automatically start to download the new driver software.

Solution-4: Set the HP printer as default printer

Operate the Run using the system keyboard Windows key and R key. On the search tab, enter control and give an ok option. Further, click on the Devices & Printers option to get the desired HP Printer name. Once you find the required HP Printer, just right-click to it and select –Set as Default Printer.

Contact our Technical Team if you still experience the same issue.

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