HP Deskjet 3772 driver on Windows & Mac

How to download and install the HP Deskjet 3772 driver on Windows & Mac

To download & install the latest HP Deskjet 3772 driver, you must ensure with the system driver OS version and its compatible matches. You can use the HP Official page to download using the Appropriate printer keys. Confirm with the driver version while downloading. If the software results in an outdated version, you may be under troubleshooting issues. 


Note: Use the steady network to access the driver setup with reference to the compatible windows and Mac systems.

  • Start the driver setup by interfacing the printer and windows system once you complete the initial printer setup.
  • To exhibit the trouble-free driver setup, you must ensure with the standard and secured network.
  • Surf using the HP Official page and access through the driver download tab.
  • Then, you must connect through the Printers & Scanners option and get the list of product names to find the desired HP Printer.
  • Once you have located the HP Deskjet 3772 driver file, choose the download option. Further, you need to Run the downloaded driver file using the desktop folder and start the installation using the on-screen directives to finish the driver installation on windows.
  • To the end, you need to add the Printer. Try to register the printer using the Printers and Scanners option on the Windows search bar.
  • Then, you need to assign the print task and confirm the driver setup using the windows system device connection.

Driver setup for Mac

  • To begin with, switch ON the printer and confirm whether the printer’s First-time setup is appropriate using the HP Manual. If not, connect them properly.
  • Make sure the network is steady and fine to proceed next.
  • Use the Official HP page and access the Protected Web-browser to choose the driver tab on the HP Deskjet 3772 printer
  • Confirm the compatible status to the Mac device and pick the downloadoption to save the file to the Mac.
  • Then, double-tap to the driver file and start the driver installation procedure with the support of on-screen guidelines given. Complete the setup by adding the printer to the HP Deskjet 3772 driver software.
  • Endure the setup on the Mac using the Apple icon. Connect through the System Preferences option and receive the list of printer names to pick.
  • Finally, choose the desired Printer device name & hit the Properties via Drop-down. Utilize the Driver tab and inspect the printer driver’s required details.

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