HP Deskjet 2652e printer not printing issue?

How to troubleshoot the HP Deskjet 2652e printer not printing issue?

Printer not printing is the issue where your printer will show no response to your print command. Ensure whether the HP Printer doesn’t have any physical damage or defects to get rid of a basic troubleshooting procedure.

Use the HP Official page to know more details regarding the printer issues and requirements to be done to solve them immediately.

Use the given steps to overcome the issue on both Windows and Mac:

  • To begin the troubleshooting procedure, try to confirm the settings and arrangements of the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge carriage area and check for the ink levels and status of the ink quality. Make sure the slot is full rather than empty.
  • Utilize the premium HP Ink cartridgeto access the fabulous printing work and escape from other printer-related issues.
  • Further, make sure the driver software doesn’t consist of any issues on your windows by operating through the desktop settings like – Devices >Printers & Scanners.
  • Once you find the desired one, try to right-click and ensure the printer details regarding the driver downloaded.
  • If you are a Mac user:Start by ensuring with the printer connection and then, move on with the configuration details.
  • Or else, you might get this type of error due to improper configuration setup.
  • Later, try to open the ink cartridge and ensure with theink levels & inspect for any clogs on the print head.
  • Always prefer the new premium ink cartridges to install and try to ensure the clogs details & cleaning through the option-Maintenance tab & Report.
  • Operate through the Mac system and look whether the printer is installed properly. At the same stretch, check the driver software details by clicking to Apple menu> System Preferences> Printers &Scanners> list of printers.
  • Pick your desired HP Deskjet 2652e
  • printer and ensure by right-clicking & connecting to the drop-down options.
  • You need to restart the printer setup and perform print work using the print option.

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