HP Deskjet 2542 Factory Reset

The steps below indicate the user and provide directions to factory reset the HP Deskjet 2542 printer. Follow the instructions below to complete the process. If you face issues while resetting the HP Deskjet 2542 printer, contact us, and we will provide you with hand-held assistance.

How to perform a factory reset on the HP Deskjet 2542 printer

  1. Power up the HP Deskjet 2542 printer and allow it to remain idle for a few minutes.
  2. Press the power button to reset the HP Deskjet 2542 printer to the factory settings.
  3. While the power button is being held down, the cancel button on the printer has to be pressed 6 times.
  4. After pressing the cancel button, release the power button. This will factory reset the printer.
  5. Proceed further if there are issues with the HP Deskjet 2542 printer.
  6. Locate the wireless button and press it down. Hold it for a few seconds.
  7. While the wireless icon is pressed down, press down on the cancel button.
  8. The wireless button and the cancel button should be pressed down for 3 seconds.
  9. While this change is happening, check if the wireless LED light is blinking.
  10. This is an indication that the HP Deskjet 2542 printer has been reset.

The HP Deskjet 2542 driver will have to be downloaded and installed on the device within 120 minutes of the factory reset.

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