How to Setup Canon Scanner?

Setup Canon Scanner

Canon printer is one of the excellent options for scanning. However, for this, you have to set up the printer scanner properly. Setting up a scanner on the Canon printer is a simple process. Though the printer scanner setup and scanning documents are simple, some of you might not know how to do it. Considering this, here we are clearly explaining the methods for this. The methods explained here are standard and simple to implement.

Method 1: Scan Documents using the Canon Printer

The standard steps for setting up the Canon printer scanner and scanning the document are:

  • To begin with, ensure that your canon printer has a scanner.
  • Then, check and ensure that the printer scanner has no problem.
  • Activate the Canon printer and computer you want to connect with the printer.
  • Check the internet connection of the computer and confirm it is stable.
  • Know the OS version and search for the compatible canon printer driver.
  • When you find the printer driver, download it on the computer.
  • Extract the canon printer driver setup file and continue with the on-screen procedure.
  • Choose the USB mode to connect the canon printer and computer.
  • Access the printer and open its scanner lid.
  • Take the document you want to scan and ensure it has no problem.
  • If the Canon printer has an automatic document feeder, then insert the document properly into the feeder.
  • Place the document on the scanner lid with proper alignment.
  • When the document is properly inserted, you will hear a beep sound.
  • Close the printer scanner lid and scan the document.

Method 2: Scan with the IJ Scan Utility

The standard procedure for scanning using the IJ Scan utility is:

  • If you are using a Windows device, ensure to have stable internet on it.
  • Download and install the canon utilities.
  • Open the Canon utility folder.
  • If you are using a Mac device, then install the scan utility on it.
  • Choose the option- Go given in the menu bar at the top.
  • Then, select the Applications option and access the Canon utility folder.
  • After that, open the folder of the IJ Scan utility and choose the icon resembling a document near the scanner.
  • Choose the Settings option and select the displayed option- Document Scan.
  • Then, choose the given option- “PDF (Multiple Pages) and click on the drop-down menu shown near “Data Format”.
  • Choose a save location and click- OK under the drop-down menu near the option- “Save in”.
  • Click on the Document option and the printer will start scanning.
  • Then, place the next page and choose- Scan to complete the process.
  • The scanned document will get properly saved on the select location.

Final Thoughts

Canon printer scanner setup and scanning documents is not a big deal. With the above-explained methods, you will be able to set up the scanner and scan the documents without any hassle. However, if you have any queries regarding the methods or require any clarification on them, feel free to call us. We have a team of the experienced customer support team who will guide you with the necessary information instantly.

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