How to get HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer back online?

HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer  back online

Want to get back instantly from the HP Officejet Pro 9010 Printer Offline issues? Here, you have certain steps given below to simply overcome the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer ’s Offline issues in no time. Try to use the HP Official page and ensure the root for the printer troubleshooting and run the basic troubleshooting through your connected compatible system support.

Still, you cannot recover from the Offline issues, try to download the HP Print & Scan Doctor application by registering the printer’s name to detect & analyze the printer-related issues. Yet the problem didn’t solve, try to use the given headings & procedures.

Reset your HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer :

  1. First, you need to turn OFF the HP Officejet Pro printer  and relax for a few minutes. Later, try to unplug all the power cords from the connections.
  2. Much later, utilize the given HP Manual and reconnect all the power cords respectively.
  3. If the printer is under wireless setup, try to ensure whether your connected wireless router is active to proceed next.
  4. Now, turn ON the system using the stable power connection.
  5. Assign the print task and try to start the printing process. If you are unable to proceed due to Offline issues. Carry out the below steps.

Download & install the latest driver software version:

  1. Initially, you have to uninstall or delete the existing driver software from the system device.
  2. Next, you have to switch OFF the connected HP Officejet Pro printer  and continue.
  3. Access through the HP Official page using the printer series to search for the needed printer driver software.
  4. Confirm with the download option after finding the required driver file.
  5. In the end, you need to choose the preferred connection mode either USB or Wireless to setup.
  6. Assign the print task and check whether the printer is still under the offline issue. If persists, try to use the given below steps.

Set your as printer default:

  1. To begin with, operate using the system settings >control panel to pick Devices & Printers option.
  2. Wait for the desired printer model icon on the next screen.
  3. If found, right-click on the necessary HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer  icon and hit the option- Set as Printer Default.
  4. Do assign the print task.
  5. Try to Restart the entire printer setup to explore printing work.
  6. If you need any other support, you can also use the given below tips.

Tips to resolve the Offline issue:

  1. Operate through the desired system settings and stop the running print work.
  2. Access through the windows and choose the control panel settings > Devices & Printers option.
  3. Right-click on the printer’s name and pick the option- See what’s printing?
  4. If you see any mark on the checkbox nearby the options like Pause printing or Use printer Offline. Try to disable the checkmark.
  5. Ensure whether the printer consists of full ink levels on the ink cartridge using the settings.
  6. If needed, use the HP Premium ink cartridges to install.
  7. Replace or refill the required or empty ink cartridges for better access.
  8. Gently, open the input tray and look whether you have any visible paper jam issues. Try to remove all the jams and restart once.

Still, you find the HP Officejet Pro printer  Offline issue- Contact US.

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