How to fix scanning issues in HP Printer?

Fix scanning issues in HP Printer

Scanning issues are very much common and can be sorted out using the given bunch of steps and guidance. Connect through the given steps and ensure whether the scanning process can be accessed properly or not. Hope the given instructions are appropriate to solve the printer-related scanning issues.

You can also ensure using the scan-related features through HP Official page support and assistance. Connect through the support page and complete the HP Printer troubleshooting procedure with ease.

Reasons and How to Fix the Scanner not working issues on the HP printer:

  • Check the connection issues.
  • Try to enable Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) and associated services.
  • Update your scanner driver.
  • Troubleshooting related to the printer Hardware.
  • Scan settings are inappropriate.

Steps to be followed:

  1. If the printer shows any scanning issues, you need to inspect the windows operating system update. If you are using Windows 10, upgrade if needed.
  2. Confirm with the Update the printer software at the time of the Windows OS version update using the Official HP Website.
  3. Try to ensure you are using the updated version of software to perform print work.
  4. Windows Image Acquisition Service is supported by Microsoft to allow the software to interface the imaging Hardware like Scanners & Cameras.
  5. To activate the service, follow the guidance.
  6. To bring the service, press the Windows + R key instantly and type the service.msc> give ok.
  7. Use the next page and you need to double-tap the Windows Image Acquisition.
  8. Carry out the Startup type>Automatic>Service status> Running. Then, click Apply> ok to save.
  9. Then, you need to pick the Programs & Features option.
  10. Connect through the given list of printer names to pick desired HP printer and tap the uninstall option.
  11. Tap the Yes option to start the restart procedure for uninstalling the software.
  12. Select the remove device option and connect through the Official page to download the updated driver software. Further, you need to add the printer using the system settings.
  13. Connect through the Auto-update for instant updates.
  14. Use the system keypad and hold the Windows + X key to use the command section.
  15. Then, you can use the restore health/cleanup-image and tap the Return option.
  16. Next, the System file checker scan will begin the procedure to troubleshoot the issue.
  17. Finally, mention the- SFC/scan now in the command section. Give enter.
  18. Attempt the scanning work, Yet you can’t do the scanning work- Call Our Technical Team for easy assistance.

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