HP Deskjet 2633 WPS Pin Setup

It’s natural to be curious about where the WPS pin is on an HP Deskjet 2633 printer. The next time you want to connect to the same wireless network, you won’t have to input the password. This post will show you how to discover your WPS pin for HP Deskjet, a similar method. It’s important to remember that not all networks support WPS, so it’s always wise to double-check with your service provider before attempting to join. This short and simple manual will explain all you need to know.

Where to find WPS Pin HP Printer

What Is A WPS Pin?

An access code for a wireless network is often known as a WPS pin. This number is usually located underneath or back a router or access point. Connect the device to the network by entering the WPS pin when requested. This will enable the device to connect to the network and receive access to the internet.

What is The WPS Pin on HP Deskjet 2633 Printer?

The HP Deskjet 2633 WPS Pin is a Wireless Protected Setup and is used to connect your printer to a wireless network.

To restrict access to your wireless network, you may use the WPS Pin on your HP Deskjet 2633. The WPS Pin is not enabled by default. If allowed, the WPS Pin will be required whenever a new wireless device is added to the network.

How to enable the WPS Pin on HP Deskjet 2633 Printer:

  1. Choose “Wireless” from the panel’s menu.
  2. Go to the menu and choose Preferences.
  3. Click the “Wireless Setup Wizard” button.
  4. Activate the WPS Pin by following the on-screen instructions.

Enter the HP Deskjet 2633 WPS PIN when the screen prompts. Your router’s default password may be found on a sticker at its base. The new gadget will automatically join your Wi-Fi network when you input the PIN

Where To Find The WPS Pin On HP Deskjet 2633 Printer?

Your printer’s security code is printed on its rear. Look for a label that reads “Wireless Protected Setup” to locate the PIN. This tag will have the PIN printed on it.

The WPS PIN for your HP Deskjet 2633 printer is located on the Network sections of the printer’s control panel. The WPS pin for your wireless router will be on the router itself.

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Refer to the handbook with your printer for details on locating the WPS pin. Once you have identified the WPS pin, you may use it to connect your printer to a wireless network or connect to a laptop.

HP Deskjet 2633 Printer WPS Connection Types

Depending on the model of the HP Deskjet 2633 printer, you may choose from four different WPS connection methods.

  • The physical button approach entails pressing the WPS button on the router and printer within two minutes to establish a connection.
  • Method of entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from a router into
  • System configuration by use of push buttons (PBC) – To use this approach, you must press a button on both the router and the printer within two minutes of each other.
  • To set up a connection via the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag technique, touch your NFC-enabled smartphone on the NFC tag located on your printer.

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2633 Printer to Your Computer

You may do a few things if your HP Deskjet 2633 printer is having problems communicating with your laptop.

Ensure the laptop and printer are powered on and sharing the same wireless network before proceeding. You’ll need to do that if they aren’t already linked.

Following these instructions should allow you to link the printer to the laptop after they are connected to the same network.

  • Launch the laptop’s Settings application, then choose Devices.
  • Go to the menu and select Printers & scanners.
  • Click on Add a printer or scanner. This will look for available printers on the network.
  • Select your HP Deskjet 2633 printer from the list and follow the on-screen prompts to complete adding it.

Rebooting the printer or the laptop, or switching to a new USB port, might solve the problem if it persists.