Epson Driver Download & install

How do I download & install the Epson driver?

Downloading the Epson driver is a quick process when it is connected with the Epson Official page support.

Driver setup is the root to accomplish the printer’s stated specifications and features. Make use of the other utility options and software for the advanced print handlings.

Note: Try to download & install the latest Epson driver software with reference to the compatible system connected.

Use the given steps to download & install the Epson driver:

  • You need to arrange the printer and compatible system using the appropriate needs and settings.
  • Get the stable network and connect the printer, wireless router, and system to it.
  • Ensure with all the settings and other configurations to proceed with driver setup.
  • Surf the Official Epson page, download and install the Epson connect printer setup utility software using your printer keys.
  • Prior, if prompted, Accept the End-user License Agreement and click on next.
  • Further, choose the install option and Run the file using the displayed on-screen guidelines.
  • Then, you need to select the printer name from the available devices list. And click on the next option.
  • Next, you need to register the Epson printer to the driver, tap on the printer registration option. Hit next to start the registration.
  • If needed, you can create a new Epson account using your printer details and tap on the finish option.
  • If the printer is registered to the new account, you can hit the option- I already have an account option.
  • You need to add the printer using add a new printer option with printer details and click on add option.
  • Tap on the close option to finish the setup process.
  • Now, the Epson driver is actively ready to start the printing work using the print option.

If the driver is unavailable during printing- use the below steps:

  • Look whether the system has its latest driver software and printer software to it.
  • If corrupted or malfunctioning, reinstall the Epson driver’s latest version on the active system.
  • Place the printer and system much closer for the best access.
  • Eventually, drag the router nearby the printer to function the problem-free setup.
  • If you have opted for network printing, ensure the network is stable.
  • Try to utilize the basic troubleshooter and Run it. Then, try to diagnose the printer driver errors.
  • Attempt to fix all the printer driver issues and make a test print by assigning the print job.
  • Yet, the problem persists, Contact Our technical team for instant support & service.

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