How to connect Epson et 2711 to Wi-Fi

Epson et 2711 to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi setup is an easy way to operate the printing job with fewer settings which shows the printer’s advanced function. Connect through the Epson Official page to know the keen steps to establish the Epson ET-2711 Wi-Fi setup using your compatible system devices.

Epson et 2711 Wi-Fi For Windows:

  • Make sure the system printer’s driver and wireless software activeness to proceed next.
  • Then, you have to move on with the wireless router nearby the printer setup to receive the uninterrupted network and proceed the next.
  • Confirm with the stable network, in turn, to proceed next.
  • Look whether the specified network credentials are properly mentioned in the required field. You can also change the network password with appropriate keywords.
  • Try to connect the network using the list of network names to proceed further.
  • Wait for the screen to accept the process by choosing the OK option.
  • To the end, ensure the Epson ET-2711 printer’s Wi-Fi using your windows settings like Printers & Scanners > from the list, right-click to the desired Epson ET-2711.

Epson et 2711 Wi-Fi For For Mac

  1. To begin with, the wireless setup is appropriate to its needs.
  2. Then, you need to mention the required network credentials properly in its required field.
  3. Continue with the Home button to prefer the Wi-Fi setup by switching ON the active network connection.
  4. Carry out using the next step with the Wi-Fi setup wizard selection page by choosing the ok option.
  5. You will be redirected to the Network configuration page to select the required network and mention the proper network password.
  6. Finally, ensure with the Mac settings like Apple icon> System Preferences> Printers & Scanners> right-click to the Epson ET-2711 Printer name to see the printer details.
  7. Tip: Place the wireless router nearby the printer setup to get the best printing efficiency.

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