Epson Pro WF-7840 printer error state

How to fix Epson Pro WF-7840 printer error state

Epson Pro WF-7840 printer can get this type of error at the time of your printing work using your Compatible system devices. Use the below steps and headings to overcome the printer error state.

You can expect this type of error state due to improper connection and inappropriate port connectivity. Utilize the Epson Manual to work accordingly.

Fix hardware problems

  1. To initiate the troubleshooting procedure by checking the printer connection reference to the Epson Manual given.
  2. If at all you have been selected USB cables to connect the Epson Pro WF-7840 printer to the system interface and you can get this type of error more frequently. Take the new USB or well-conditioned USB cables. 
  3. Or else, if it is a Wi-Fi printer, you should ensure the Epson printer is connected steadily with the network source.
  4. Do ensure with the sample print work by attempting the blank test page.

Check the connectivity of your printer

  1. If you look for any paper jam error, try to Turn OFF the printer setup from the wall outlet.
  2. Try to close all the trays carefully to access next.
  3. If you suspect any paper jam issue, do repeat the same procedure to clear all.
  4. Open the ink cartridge tray and insert sufficient ink levels on each ink cartridge. If required, try to refill it properly.
  5. To the end, Switch OFF the printer’s Wi-Fi network and gently reconnect it appropriately to avoid this Epson printer error state issue.

Check jammed papers in the printer

  1. It’s quite normal for the printer to show Epson printer is in an error state that can be due to the paper jam.
  2. Try to reassemble the printer after cleaning the paper jam issues.
  3. Then, clean the printer carriage using the soft cloth or tissue to proceed next. You can also utilize the manual or automatic method to clear the dust.
  4. If needed, support through the Epson Manual and try to arrange the printer setup again newly by ensuring the printer status.

Use the Windows Troubleshooter 

  1. Turn ON the printer and system to proceed with the settings “Devices and Printers” section from the start menu.
  2. Connect through the list of shown products provided with reference to the respective categories. Select the desired Epson printer.
  3. Here, you have to right-click on the Epson Pro WF-7840 icon.
  4. Utilize the next page to use the drop-down menu, and choose the Troubleshoot option.
  5. Confirm with the Troubleshoot option to proceed with the Epson printer troubleshooting needs.

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