Epson Printer Network Setup Using a USB Cable?

Following are the steps to connect the Epson printer to Wi-Fi using a USB cable:

  • At first, collect the SSID and password of the wireless network.
  • If the PC does not have CD/DVD port, connect it to Wi-Fi to download a driver.
  • Now, check if the printer is active and not using a USB cable to connect to the PC.
  • Next, download a driver either from a CD/DVD or from an official Epson website.
  • Now, choose a language of the choice and tap on the Ok button.
  • Accept the driver terms and complete the driver installation steps.
  • Wait for the driver/software to install on the PC.
  • You will see a printer setup prompt on-screen click the Ok or Start button.
  • On the next screen that appears, choose wireless connection and click Ok.
How to set up a Epson printer to using a USB Cable
  • Now, pick to set up the printer for the first time and tap on the Ok button.
  • Next, select the USB connection method and click on the continue button.
  • Now, check if the ink cartridges are not empty and ready to print files.
  • Go to the manual and find how to connect the USB cable.
  • Connect the USB cable as instructed in the manual.
  • Wait for the installer to find the printer model.
  • Click Next on the network installation window and the firewall settings.
  • When you see a wireless Epson printer model on the list, tap on it.
  • Now, enter the network name and password of the wireless connection.
  • Wait until the Epson printer gets a new wireless connection to print online.

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