Epson printer to wifi in easy ways?

How to connect Epson printer to wifi in easy ways?

The new all-in-one printers come with the added feature of connecting the Epson printer wirelessly. And, printer companies have made the process easy by providing users with more than one option to connect to.  The procedures may vary from different devices. To assist Epson users in connecting their printer to a wireless connection, we have added below a set of guidelines that will make the process simple and quick.

Let’s move further down to understand the ways in which the printer can be connected to a wireless connection.

How can I connect my Epson printer to the wifi?

Here we will provide you with the assistance that you require to connect the Epson printer to the wireless connection. The various modes to which the printer can be connected will be mentioned below. The manner in which the Epson printer has to be connected to a wireless connection using a Windows device and a Mac device is similar but not the same.

We will provide the simplest means of how the printer can connect to a wireless connection.

Connect the Epson printer to a wireless connection for the first time.

  1. Complete the first check by making sure the wireless connection is active.
  2. Ensure that it is stable and the connection is functioning at the required speed.
  3. Additionally, ensure that the printer and the device are in close range to the wireless router.
  4. Proceeding this, make sure the device is connected to the wireless connection.
  5. This should be the connection the printer will also be connected to.
  6. During the installation of the Epson driver, the final step is to connect the printer to a wireless connection.
  7. For this, it is important to have access to the wifi credentials.
  8. On choosing a wireless connection on the installation wizard, a list of wireless connections will be available.
  9. Choose the desired wireless connection and enter the wifi credentials.
  10. Enter the details of the password and click OK.
  11. In a few minutes, the connection will be established and the printer will now be connected to the wireless connection.

How to connect the Epson printer to the wifi on a Mac book?

In these instructions, you will find guidelines on how the Epson printer can be connected to the wifi on a Mac Book. The below steps will provide you with the guidance it requires.

  1. Move over to the Mac device and key in the “Epson Connect” printer setup utility application.
  2. On locating Epson Connect, the application has to be downloaded on the Mac device.
  3. Once the download has been completed, run the file on the device and click ‘Continue”.
  4. Ensure that access and permissions are given to the driver at the time of installation.
  5. After permissions have been granted, click Next and choose Printer registration.
  6. Sign in to the existing Epson account or create a new account with Epson.
  7. Finally, choose “Activate Scan Cloud and Remote Print”. By choosing this, the Epson printer services will now be accessible.
  8. Connect the printer to the wifi connection by choosing the desired wireless connection.
  9. Enter the wifi credentials and the connection will be established.

How to connect the Epson printer to Wifi on Windows 10 Laptop?

The steps below will assist in connecting the Epson printer that is connected to a Windows device that needs to connect to a wireless connection. Make sure all the steps are followed accurately so that complications can be avoided.

  1. Power up the Windows device and the Epson printer.
  2. Open the Settings app and choose Printers and Devices.
  3. On choosing this, a list of all the printers that are connected to the printer will show up.
  4. Locate the desired printer using the model name as a reference.
  5. If you are unable to locate the printer, it is an indication that the printer is not added to the device.
  6. For this, choose “Add a Printer or Scanner”.  A list of all the available printers will appear, choose the desired printer and add it to the Windows device.
  7. Double-click on the printer’s name and choose Wifi settings.
  8. Make sure for this step to be completed, the wireless connection should be active. And, the wireless credentials are available.
  9. Choose the desired wireless connection and enter the details of the wifi.
  10. Give it a few minutes for the connection to establish. The connection between the printer and the wireless connection is complete.

How to connect the Epson Printer to the laptop via software installation CD?

Most printers come with installation CDs. The Epson driver installation CD holds the driver that should be downloaded and installed on the device.  Either way, if the printer does not come with a CD, then there is an option to access the Epson printer driver from the official website.

  1. Power up the Epson printer and the device. Allow the printer to remain idle.
  2. Ensure the laptop has a CD tray so that the CD can be inserted into the laptop.
  3. Load the CD on the laptop, download the printer driver from the CD.
  4. Open the CD with the driver and download the driver onto the device.
  5. Follow the instructions on the Epson printer driver. Make sure that all the on-screen instructions are available.
  6. Give access and permissions wherever needed to move ahead to the next step.
  7. Complete the instructions and the final step requires you to enter the details of the printer.
  8. Enter the wireless connection credentials after choosing the wireless network connection.
  9. Click Finish at the end of the Epson printer driver installation.

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