Epson printer showing offline on Mac?

Why is my Epson printer showing offline on my Mac?

Common issues will be the reason why the Epson printer is showing Offline on the Mac. The instructions below will assist in the process of rectifying the areas of error and the Epson printer can be connected to the Mac without an issue.
Complete a few basic checks to ensure the simple reasons for the Epson printer error is resolved.

  1. Make sure all the printer cables are intact and connected properly.
  2. Replace the cables if there are any damages caused to the cables.
  3. Check if there are any paper jams in the printer. Look through the paper feeding tray.
  4. If there are any jams, remove the paper with force to avoid leaving bits of paper behind.
  5. Ensure the quality of the paper that is being used is of good quality. Replace the existing sheets of paper with better quality paper.
  6. Check the mac, it should be updated. If there is an available Mac update, complete the process at once.
  7. Ensure the printer is set to function online. Choose the Apple icon and select the System Preference.
  8. Locate the printer with the model name and choose Resume to allow the printer to work online.
  9. Check the wireless connection. The printer should be connected to an active wireless connection.
  10. The connection should be stable and it should be functioning a the required speed.
  11. Note that that printer and the Mac should be connected to the same wireless connection.

Reset the printer and the printer systems

  1. Move over to the mac and choose the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preference and right-click for the popup menu.
  3. Choose Reset Printing System and add the printer back using the + icon.
  4. Once the changes have been made, reboot the printer.
  5. While the printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the power supply.
  6. Remove the power cord from the rear end of the wireless printer.
  7. Then remove the power cord from the power supply.
  8. Allow the Epson printer to remain idle for a few minutes.
  9. Then proceed to connect the printer back to the power supply.

Now, check the Mac to ensure the Epson printer is now connected to the Mac.

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