Epson Printer is not working on the window device?

Epson Printer is not working window device

Are you facing trouble while printing with Epson printer is not working on windows device? Stay calm, we have an alternative n-number of resolving steps and can be easily solved. You can’t expect the printer to be fine all the time, sometimes the connected compatible Windows or Mac device can also make some minor or major reason for the printer trouble.

Here, we are going to have a short procedure steps for the Epson printer setup not working error while connected with WINDOWS.

Make use of the Epson Official page to instantly get the best solution backup for the printer error, once you have been confirmed with the error code displayed on the printer control panel.

  1. First, ensure with the printer basic connections like USB cables/Ethernet to the respective ports and other arrangements regarding the printer setup.
  2. Then, you need to check the power light status on the Epson printer. If the power light doesn’t blow, you need to check the printer connection and configuration settings.
  3. Try to avoid the surge or extension box to connect the Epson Printer and compatible Windows system device.
  4. Further, you need to utilize the Epson Manual or arrange or ensure the printer setup handlings to avoid it in future access.
  5. Run the printer check and wait for the report. If the printer starts the print work, you need to check the printer requirements like driver software installation, paper sheets feeding, ink cartridge/tank feeding, and other necessities.
  6. Open the windows system settings using the Run command (Windows key+ R)or search tab.
  7. Enter control panel settings option.
  8. Then, use the Printers & Scanners section and check whether the printer is registered to the connected windows system or not. If not, proceed next.
  9. Use the plus sign near the Add printers or Scanners option, if the printer is not yet registered.
  10. Make use of the list of available printer names to select the desired Epson Printer nearby.
  11. Once you have added, confirm with the trial print work.
  12. Still, you can’t print. Open the windows settings and right-click to the desired printer name and look at the list of the drop-down menu to check the printer mode.
  13. Click to the See what’s printing? Option via open queues. On the same stretch, use the same option like Printers & Scanners>Open print queues> Printer menu >right-click to the Epson printer to look at the offline mode on the printer settings. Enable the Use printer online option.
  14. Restart once and attempt print work using the windows system support.
  15. Still, you can’t proceed with print work, Call Our Technical Team to get instant assistance & support to solve the Epson printer issues.

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