Epson Printer connect to my wifi?

Why won’t my Epson Printer connect to my wifi?

It is a common issue for the Epson printer to fail to connect to the wireless connection. It is vital that the below steps be used for the wireless connection. Some of the reasons that the Epson printer won’t connect to the wireless connection are if the connection is not active, the speed is not adequate, driver issues and more.

Relocate the Epson printer

Make sure the Epson printer is placed close to the wireless router. If the printer is not kept close to the wireless router, there is a possibility of the printer issue is removed. Moving the Epson printer closer to the wireless router can strengthen the signal of the connections.

Restart Router and the Epson printer

Move over to the wifi router to restart it. Press and hold the wireless router power button. Make sure the LED lights go out. Allow it to remain turned off for a few minutes and power it back up. For the Epson printer, remove the power cord from the rear end of the printer and then remove it from the power supply. Allow the printer to remain idle for a few minutes. Connect the printer back to the power supply using the power cord.

Ensure the wifi password is correct

It is vital that the printer while connecting to a wireless network, the password should be entered accurately. The wifi password should be noted accurately. The same password should be accurately entered into the wifi setup wizard.

Factory Reset Network Settings

If the Epson printer is not functioning, complete the below steps to remove the error. Proceed to restore the Epson printer to the Factory Settings.

If the wireless connection does not connect to the printer, restore the printer’s wireless settings. Ensure the printer is powered up and moved over to the control panel. Select Menu followed by Settings. Scroll to the end of all the options available and select Restore Default Settings.

Select OK and the printer will now be restored to the factory network settings.

Update the Epson printer driver

It is vital that the Epson printer driver be updated for simple steps such as connecting to a wireless connection is important. The printer driver and the device software should be updated at all times. Update the printer driver and complete the connection of the printer to a wireless connection.

It is vital that all the above steps be completed accurately to avoid any further errors to the printer. If you experience difficulty in connecting the printer to the wireless connection, you have the option of contacting our team of experts to rectify the wireless connection issues.

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