Canon Printer Setup for Windows & Mac

Canon Printer Setup Instructions for both Windows and Mac

Canon Printer setup is easy when you are supported with the Canon Official page and Canon Manual to begin the setup instructions. First, you must unbox and ensure with the printer components to proceed further on the setup instructions below.

Use the given guidelines carefully to accomplish the flawless printer setup on both compatible Windows and Mac system devices:

Note: Make sure the network and power connections are adequate and stable.

For Windows:

  1. First, make sure the printer has its appropriate components to start the connection.
  2. Take the given Canon Manual and connect the printer ports to the power socket carefully.
  3. Then, interface the Windows system and turn ON the power supply. Do the startup settings on the printer and move to the windows.
  4. On the windows system, use the search tab and enter Printers & Scanners options. You will get the corresponding screen with Add Printer or Scanner option with plus-sign on its side.
  5. Hit the plus-sign and wait for the windows system to scan the available canon printer to connect. If you don’t find the printer device, add it Manually with appropriate characters.
  6. Finally, once you have added the Canon printer download the required printer driver software.
  7. Now, attempt the test print work to ensure the Canon printer setup using the Windows system.

For MAC:

  1. Initially, unpack the new printer and make sure you have all the setup accessories to it.
  2. Then, take the given Canon printer Manual and start the setup procedure work using the Mac system support.
  3. Once you have ensured with the ink cartridge and input tray setup requirements are done appropriately, turn ON the printer using the power button.
  4. On the active Mac system, Hit the Apple icon and choose the System Preferences option.
  5. Then, on the next window-pick the Printers & Scanners option and select the plus-sign near the Add Printers & Scanners tab.
  6. Wait till the desired Canon printer name is available on the nearby scanned printer list. If not use the relevant option and enter manually using required keywords.
  7. Once you have added the Canon printer to the Mac system, download and install the printer driver with the latest version and to ensure the Canon printer setup using Mac, do a test print work.

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