Canon Printer Setup for Wi-Fi and Wireless on Windows and Mac

Canon printers can be attached to a wireless connection by using a smart device to deliver the router data to the printer, connecting the printer to the router using a Canon Print Inkjet, can be done by pressing the WPS button, or with a WPS pin code. The printer must be connected and powered up to relate to a wireless network. One can also use just the printer control panel to complete the setup.

How can I Administer Canon printer Setup?

Ensure the computer has an open USB port. The printer does not have a USB cable vacant with the computer. The user has to do using the procedure. This procedure, also known as the Standard Connection method, will need a CD that is provided with the Canon printing device.

Setup through Port

  • Firstly, download and install the Canon printer driver from the Canon official website.
  • Restart the Canon printer and run the setup file procedure.
  • Follow the on-screen rules and set the connection mode to USB cable.
  • Click the Next option and leave it for some time to install the driver.
  • Unplug and reconnect the USB cable to the Canon printer and the computer.
  • Make sure the USB cable is less than 3 meters in length.
  • Complete the procedure by adjusting the printhead and take a test print.

Setup via Standard Connection Method on Windows

The Canon printer arrives with the CD for the setup. Insert the CD into the computer drive and execute the printer setup file.

  • Turn ON the computer and insert the CD file into the CD driver.

Note: IF you don’t have installation CD download the Canon Printer directories and software for the Canon model from the official website.

  • A configuration page will appear on the screen.
  • Click the next option.
  • Again press the Next button.
  • Choose the connection as USB or wireless connection.


For the user of Windows XP, the alternative of Cable less Setup will not be accessible. The user can select the Other Setup option.

  • Click Next and accept the license user agreement.
  • Hit the complete button to finalize the setup.


Windows XP users can select Setting up Network Connection using USB and press Next. Then connect the Canon printer to the computer using the USB cable. When the entry-level is appears on the screen, tap Yes. Then separate the computer and press Next. Now, tap Complete. The setup will have completed.

How to Perform Canon printer Wireless Setup?

The user can set up the wireless connection for the Canon printer in 3 methods by using the WPS method, easy wireless connection, and Wi-Fi direct method.


Setup via WPS Connection

Connect the printer using the WPS connection. Ensure the modem has a strong internet connection.

  • Check whether the router has a WPS button.
  • Go to the Canon printer to press and hold the network settings.
  • Now when the light starts to blink, release the network settings button.
  • Press the WPS button on the router. Ensure to do this procedure within 2 minutes.


Setting up Using Easy Wireless Connect.

  • Turn ON the Canon printer and wait for the printer to reboot completely.
  • Press and hold the direct button on the printer.
  • Now the light starts to blink.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Canon printer setup.

Setup through WPS or PIN Code Connection

  • Turn ON the Canon printer.
  • Press the information button on the printer.

Note: After accomplishing the second step, the PIN Code with the Network Configuration Page. The pin is only valid for only a valid amount of time , so complete the setup asap.

  • Go through the instructions, the printer prints a configuration page.
  • Now enter the WPS PIN on the computer device and complete the WPS setup.

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