Canon Printer Not Printing On PC?

Why Is Canon Printer Not Printing On PC?

Is your Canon printer not printing? No worries! We have several solutions to fix the printer not printing issue. Follow all the troubleshooting methods given below to resolve the printer problem.

Step 1: Update the outdated Canon printer driver

Following are the steps to update the outdated Canon printer driver at ease:

  • Go to the settings menu on your PC and tap on the printer menu.
  • Tap on your printer model and go to the firmware menu.
  • Choose the outdated drivers on your PC and tap on the uninstall button.
  • Now, go to the devices menu to remove your Canon printer from the PC.
  • Next, find an official Canon website to download the latest updated driver.
  • Install the driver on your PC and add your Canon printer to the PC.
  • Try printing and check if your Canon printer is free from errors.
Canon printer not printing

Step 2: Clean the print head

Try cleaning the print head of your Canon printer using the steps given below:

  • Switch on your Canon printer and check if the input paper tray has enough sheets.
  • Now, open the output tray and tap on the installation button.
  • The cleaning process will begin, and you should click on the device icon.
  • Now, open the toolbox and hit on the maintenance menu.
  • Tap the deep cleaning menu and tap yes to proceed with the process.
  • After cleaning the print head, reboot your Canon printer and try a test print.

Step 3: Use genuine Canon ink cartridges

Check if your Canon printer has the latest ink cartridges. Use only genuine ink cartridges to get an error-free printout all the time. Replace low-level ink cartridges and try to take a test printout.

Step 4: Align the printer cartridges

Incorrect cartridge alignment will refrain you from printing any files. Following are the steps to align the printer cartridges at ease:

  • Switch on your printer and load printing sheets into the paper tray.
  • Tap on the install button and choose the adjust printer option.
  • Now, your Canon printer will print an alignment page. Click ok if the alignment page is up to the mark.

For further detailed queries on your canon printer, you can contact our team.

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