Canon Pixma printer not responding?

How do I fix my Canon Pixma printer not responding?

  • Most Canon printers display a not responding error status. It will prevent your printer from printing the assigned print tasks. But no worries, here are the troubleshooting steps to fix the not responding error status.
  • If you are using a USB cable to connect your Canon Pixma printer, try the following fixes:
  • Check whether the USB connection is firm and reliable.
  • If the connection is not prompt, reconnect the plug into the printer and the PC.
  • Else, try connecting the USB cable to any other USB ports.
  • Also, try using another new USB cable and check if the problem has settled.
  • Following are the fixes if you are using a network printer:
  • Check whether the network signal is stable and without any interruptions.
  • Also, check if the network devices like the router and modem are without errors.
how do I fix my canon pixma printer not responding
  • Get a network connection status report to check the network connectivity.
  • Now, check whether your printer has a got a wireless connection.
  • If you are using a network cable, reconnect or replace the network cable.
  • Now, try affixing your printer and PC to the same wireless network.
  • Use the following fixes if you connect your Canon Pixma via Bluetooth:
  • Check whether your Canon Pixma is near the computer system.
  • Re-pair your Canon printer to the PC using Bluetooth.
  • Now, try taking a test printout and check if the connection is reliable.

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