The basic source of Printer setup with Computer

Every Printer will function only if the printer driver software is installed to its updated version properly. You can use the Printer box attached with installation CD/DVD or else use the Official website of the printer brand and search for the desired driver that suitable with computer OS. Make use of this page for instant assistance for initial setup and printer installation.

Is every printer have same Functionality?

No, Printer are with Inkjet or Laser type. Lot of various brands printers are available like HP, Epson, Canon, Brothers, and Lexmark & Sharp. All these printer brands’ technology was not the same, but the basic procedure in operating the printer setup configuration is quite similar.

How to connect the printer to the computer?

You can decide the source for connecting the printer and computer using the USB Cables, Parallel Ports Cables or SCSI Cables. Once the interface connection between the printer and computer is made, plug the source into the wall outlet/socket. Nowadays, every home-usage printer is accessed using the Printer-attached USB cables.

Turn on the Printer

Once finishing the above connecting process, turn on the printer using the power button. Press the power button at the front-side right corner of the printer. It’s better to use the given Printer Manual to locate the power button on the printer. If it is a Laser printer older version, the power button will be at the corner of the back button.

Turn on Printer Problem

How to Setup and Install Driver Software?

Once you have connected the printer with the computer, get them active using the power button. Now, it’s time to download and install the printer software’s and drivers. Usually, every printer package will consist of the essential driver installation CD/DVD for the compatible device type. If CD not available, using official printer website, you can download the driver suitable to the OS (Windows/Mac).

Driver Software Installation with CD/DVD

  1. Bring the connected computer to the active state using the power button.
  2. Take out the installation CD/DVD that is attached with the printer package and insert them firmly to the computer CD/DVD Port.
  3. Wait for the automatic startup, it doesn’t start- Open the My computer> Double-tap CD Drive> Setup or install File.Download and Run the driver software using the installation wizard support.
  4. Ensure the driver software installation by performing test print work.
Printer Driver Software Installation with CD-DVD

Installing the printer using the drivers

If you want only the driver software rather than additional software programs. Use the instructions to install the printer driver:


If you have done the above steps to install the printer, skip these steps below and follow if you have any troubleshooting issues.

  1. On the active printer, open the control panel
  2. Double-click the Printers or Printers or Fax icon.
  3. On the resultant window, use theAdd printer icon.
  4. Make use of the windows printer wizard to complete the setup using the wizard guidelines.
  5. Pick an option from a Local or Network printer.Choose the Local printer for the computer for the direct printer-to-computer connection and give
  6. On the printer driver location page, use specific options like Printer CD, or preferred options.


Why does the Driver Software is essential for the printer

To Explore the Printer features & specifications you need a support system via a compatible computer. That compatible computer must have a connection to the printer through the Driver Software installation.

For the best printing output experience, you need a completed driver setup. You can also the generic software that is available for the Operating system but is it not applicable in all the situations & operations.